Lake Shasta

SuperClean Showdown Pro/Am

2021 Shasta Pro/Am

Off Limits for Fishing and Information is January 4-11. If you Received any Information about Fishing or were on the water during that time-” You Can Not Fish This Event”.

We will cover this in our Pre Tournament Meeting on the Wild West Facebook Page – This is Mandatory that you WATCH and Take Notes !

1. Don’t forget to buy a 2021 California Fishing Licence!  Anglers MUST Observe Quagga Mussel Prevention Measures !!!
2. Bag/Length- 12″ Minimum Length Measured on a Flat Board-Mouth Closed .  5- Fish Limit Per Angler- You must Cull on your 6TH Fish- No more than 5 in your  Livewell or Possession !!!  CO- Anglers must mark their fish before putting in livewells.  ONLY NON PUNCTURE CULL TAGS !!!!
3. COVID SAFE WEIGH INS !!!  No MASK , No Fish Weighed.. This is a Draw Format ..We Recommend you wear your MASK at all times when you are with your partner during The Day. If you are on the Dock at Bridge Bay, Wear YOUR MASK !!!!!  Due to LOW WATER and the Safe Return of our Fish, weigh in will be on the Bridge Bay Docks…
If you don’t know how to FIZZ Fish- LEARN Before you fish another event !!!  TAKE CARE OF YOUR CATCH !!!
4. CoAnglers we recommend you meet your partner near the entrance to Bridge Bay or before you come to Bridge Bay- Plenty of Parking on that side of the resort… Please do not park with the boat trailers at Bridge Bay.
5. Off Limit Locations are Standard Wild West Bass Locations, Inside the 5MPH Zone at Bridge Bay AND 200 YARDS from ANY Commercial Structure (Including Docks)  YES, 200 YARDS, 200 YARDS. Per the NATIONAL PARK SERVICE PERMIT THAT EVERY ORGANIZATION MUST FOLLOW !!!!!!!  YES!! EVERY MARINA OR RESORT !!!
6. You may launch at Packers Bay but they have only one lane open for launch ~ Be Early, We will leave at Safe Light !!!
7. Life Jackets Must be worn anytime the Combustion Engine is On,  During Practice and the Event-
8. Wild West Bass Staff will be at Phils Propeller On Wednesday from 4-6 PM if you have any questions about the event or you need to sign a waiver before you fish the event.
9. We will start our Facebook Live Meeting at 630PM-  Tournament Director will be Randy McBride – 321.223.6562
10. Just a reminder, Wild West has No Maximum Rod Length for our events, Just understand whatever technique you use you can not handicap your partner in PRO-AM Style Events-
11. Safe Light will be around 7:10 – We will play the National Anthem and Prayer and call boat number 1 at 7:15. Day 2 will be the same and we will invert the boat numbers.
12. When you tie up to the docks to weigh your catch each day, STAY IN YOUR BOATS TILL WE BRING A BAG TO YOU-  Repeat , Stay in your BOATS !!!!   No Gathering !!
      After you weigh your Fish – Leave the Docks so we can pull in another Boat !!!
13. Thanks for Fishing With Us !!!!!


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