Providing premier competitive fishing events in the western United States.

The Wild West Bass Trail mission is founded upon the ideals to promote and advertise for the highest quality companies and anglers by providing premier competitive fishing events in the western United States. Anglers and sponsors combined will showcase their skills and products with the most innovative television, web, print and social media available.

As the Wild West Bass Trail debuts in 2016, our objective is to provide anglers the ability to participate in elite bass tournaments with the highest guaranteed payout on the West Coast. This new tournament format, payout and television exposure will increase angler participating numbers that have not been seen on the West Coast for over the past decade. Our approach is achieved by a reasonably priced entry fee, state of the art trailers and weigh-in stations, live internet weigh-ins, great filming and editing crews, established television networks, knowledgeable staff and well represented tournament directors.

The Wild West Bass Trail focus is entirely dedicated to creating a complete package of advertising opportunities that include on-site activation at 17 events on the west coast each year, internet and social media and television series that reach the masses of viewers each day. As we build and provide the platform of elite events for anglers to compete, we are also creating an avenue for our sponsors to be in direct contact to the customer. Our anglers are extremely loyal to the brands that support and help provide opportunities for them to fish and compete at a high level at each event. As the Wild West Bass Trail moves forward into 2016, it is our objective to build and increase our position as the leader in Bass tournaments on the West Coast. In doing so, we will expand the exposure for our partners above and beyond expectations.