Don Pedro Tournament Details


  • BLAST OFF: Fleming Blast off at 5:30AM PST.
  • CHECK IN: Buoy line with check-in boat, 1st flight in at 11:30AM. This is a 6 hr tournament.
  • WEIGH IN: Pull boat out and park in Fleming parking lot. Trailer parked by closed restaurant.
  • OFF LIMITS: -50ft from any gas dock -No slips inside host marina -No casting over buoy line at Dam -No fishing within 50yds of take-off ramp.
  • REMINDER: Moccasin has NO ACCESS to main lake, must launch from Fleming. Bouy line area is OFF-LIMITS. Do not cross buoy line at moccasin. Moccasin is off limits.
  • When your flight is called for launch, make sure your big motor is running, kill switch is connected, and drive by with live wells open for a check.
  • Flights will be text at 6:30pm
TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Jay Kelly – 209-601-6467.
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