We are excited to announce that the Wild West Bass Trail Kayak Series and Kayak Pro Tour will be under the leadership of Michael Bray as the new tournament director starting in 2023. With his exceptional event management experience gained from his previous work at Wild West Bass Trail and APEX Pro Tour, we are confident that he will take these renowned kayak circuits to even greater heights.
Bray aims to transform WWBT Kayak, founded by Steve Melander and Tim Arthur, into a community-based tournament organization that prioritizes the development of the kayak industry on the West Coast. “This is an economical way for anglers of all calibers to compete, network, and grow…and it’s too valuable to lose here on the West Coast,” he says. 
Originally rooted in the Northern California Tournament Scene, WWBT Kayak intends to broaden its horizons by offering opportunities in the Pacific Northwest Region, Southern California, and nearby areas. “We will emphasize this season around fostering angler relations, however, we know the importance of creating a sought-after stage to showcase our anglers. You won’t want to miss out on the excitement of the 2024 Season Championship!”

The upcoming 2023 season of the Kayak Pro Tour holds immense potential and is being spearheaded by a visionary leader. Starting this July, the tour is set to witness a surge in promotion and development. Bray states, “The Kayak Pro Tour is designed to highlight the top kayak anglers on the West Coast and showcase their talent, support systems, and their perseverance to compete.” Our format is designed to foster industry support, boost brand recognition, and showcase the beauty of the unique waterways in this region. It is highly competitive and aims to provide unparalleled engagement and viewing experiences. The Kayak Pro Tour carefully evaluates anglers’ recent performances, track records, community engagement, and other pertinent factors to ensure that only the most credible candidates are selected. Those who meet the criteria receive an exclusive invite to participate, solidifying their status as top-tier anglers. This coming season can be viewed on Outdoor Action TV, The Pursuit Channel, Hook’d Outdoor TV and there will be plenty of opportunities for you to stay engaged!

Bray is a Collegiate angler at Simpson University, an industry spokesperson, and a dedicated individual in the Bass tournament Industry. He is passionate about fostering the growth of the fishing industry and preserving and promoting the sport for future generations. We are confident that he will successfully unite the kayaking community on the West Coast, providing new opportunities for growth and offering anglers a platform to showcase their skills, dedication, and progress in this thrilling sport.

If you have questions about the Kayak series, feel free to reach out to Michael Bray. He’ll be more than happy to assist you.
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