To honor the memory of his beloved wife of 36 years, Bobbie, longtime pro bass angler, Greg Gutierrez has released the following information.

It is with a heavy heart that I report that Bobbie is no longer with us. I am grateful for everyone’s condolences; however, I am still struggling with my loss and find it difficult to speak on at the present time. Please allow me time to mourn and adjust to the situation. It will take some getting used to. She has been my side as for nearly four decades, accompanying me as I traveled the world competing in bass angling events, including two Bassmaster Classics, the All-American, as well as the Bass Euro Cup events held in Portugal and Spain.

Her support and sacrifices for me as I pursued my passion for bass fishing as well as my 32-year career as a firefighter was incredible. Bobbie always held down the fort while I was away on the fire lines or on the lake fishing. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in life’s endeavors.

Many time, Bobbie talked about the new friends she met along the way and was grateful for all the opportunities bass fishing provided to both of us.

Something that can easily slip an angler’s mind when they are on the “Big Stage is recognizing our support system at home.  Sure, sponsors are important, but we often miss the opportunity to give a shoutout to our friends, spouses, loved ones, siblings, children, or parents. These folks are also important to our success. When we are fortunate enough to have the chance to do so, I would recommend acknowledging the sacrifices they have made for you to be successful on the water!


One very important thing I would like everyone to know about Bobbie, was during the entirety of our time together, she was fighting melanoma cancer. 

Her experience underlined her concern for other people having to go through what she did. She would always let someone know if she saw a suspicious “spot” on them. She would even go so far as to approach a stranger if she were to see a suspect mole or lesion on their skin. She would advise them to get it looked at. 

She would want us all to understand that melanoma is not just skin cancer! It is a very aggressive type of cancer and once it metastasizes, it will attack your brain, your liver, your spleen, your intestines, and many other organs beside your skin!

With Bobbie in mind, I cannot stress how important it is for all anglers to properly protect themselves from the sun’s rays. There are so many great products to protect ourselves, but the only work, if we use them – SPF rated shirts, hats, sun buffs and products to put on our skin. All of these things make a difference in sun exposure. Don’t just use some cheap shirt or sun buff. Choosing a good SPF product to protect yourself is paramount. I personally utilize the Buck N’ Bass products because they are specifically engineered to protect from the sun.


Another subject that I want to discuss relates to my experience in caring for a loved one and I cannot express how important it is to advocate for your family or your friends who may have medical problems. In today’s times doctors, hospitals or clinics are so overwhelmed with “other types” of medical treatment or protocols that it’s often difficult to provide the right amount of time or attention needed to give accurate care or results. 

My advice as a long-term caregiver is to become involved in the medical problem that you are facing with your loved one. Educate yourself, learn the processes and all that entails. 

Additionally, you need to become your person’s voice. Do not allow the medical institutions to brush you off, send you down the road or not provide adequate care! 

If you feel that there is a need for another opinion, go get one! 

If you feel like they are trying to send you out the door at any hospital before your patient has properly been taken care of, ask for an advocate from the hospital! 

You have to fight for the time that you get to help your loved one or friends. My suggestion is to fight with everything that you have in you! Please make sure to pay attention to your health and fight for the people you love. I know if Bobbie was sitting next to me right now, she would agree with me 100%.


I appreciate your time and support this difficult time. Donations in Bobbie’s memory can be made to St. Jude to help children with cancer.

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