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AZ Teams Lake Pleasant

February 25, 2023

OFF LIMITS Feb 20th-24th
LATE FEE STARTS Feb 24th, 2023
ENTRY DEADLINE Feb 24th, 2023  with late Fee 100 boat cap. No at lake registrations
BLAST OFF  6:45 am, Pleasant Harbor Marina-South Ramp
WEIGH IN Pleasant Harbor Marina-South Ramp-Group Site by Bathrooms
CHECK IN Optional Friday Night, 4-6 pm


  • Season Kick Off Free BBQ Friday from 4 pm-6 pm, Pleasant Harbor RV Group Site (near south ramp), Camp at the group site and hang out with AZ Teams and WWBT Staff!
  • Call Lake Pleasant Harbor RV Resort 623-235-6140, tell them you are with Wild West Bass Trail, and they will let you camp over by the stage trailer/south ramp area (Reservation will be billed as RINGTALE DRY CAMPING, $28 a night)
  • Facebook virtual meeting Friday the 24th at 6:30 PM
  • Lake Pleasant will be hosting a Touch the Truck event on Saturday from 10-2 pm; please note that large trucks will enter the gate from 6-9 AM. You will want to enter the gate before 6 AM to avoid getting delayed at the pay gate.
  • 90% Payback-1 in 5, 80% per tournament and 10% towards Championship, 5 Big Fish Payouts, P-Line Contingency $250 for largest winning weight, and smallest 5 fish bag prize (must be present to win).
  • Championship will be a minimum $15,000 Payout.
  • Championship will be held in Arizona, with Arizona Team Qualifiers Only.

OFF LIMITS Information



SETH STARKS: 480-571-1919 ext 111


You must have a WWBT 2023 Membership prior to registration.




To register for this event both team memebrs must first have a Wild West Bass Trail Annual Annual Membership. If you have one, please login. or get your membership now.
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