Shasta Team Championship 2022


Aaron Agner and Josh Palmer

Aaron Agner and Josh Palmer have come out on top in the Wild West Bass Trail- Team Series Championship at Bridge Bay At Shasta Lake Presented by Bass Cat Boats and Mercury Marine! They were victorious with a leading 22.39 Pounds anchored by a 10.44 pound Largemouth that won them a Bass Cat BobCat & Trailer powered by a 150 Mercury Pro XS valued at $45,500!!! Not only that but they also had the P-Line and Garmin Contingency along with the Toad of the Tournament totaling to an additional $1,255 to their pot!

Runner up, Tanner Spohn and Joseph Price of Boatmasters came in with 21.82 pounds with not One but TWO Toads of the Tournaments weighed in at 4.14 and 6.18 pounds!
Rounding out the Top Three was Troy Henderson and Steve Klein! They brought in an applauding 21.34 pounds and highlighted their talent against a full field of 100 Boats!

After two days of fishing the Top 5 Toads of the Tournament were as follow:
1. Aaron Agner/Josh Palmer 10.44lbs
2. Tanner Spohn/Joseph Price 6.18lbs
3. Ryan McIntosh/Cory Caporale 4.94lbs
4. Tanner Spohn/ Joseph Price 4.15lbs
5. Mike Friend/ Shelly Carr 3.63lbs

The last money spot paid was a weight of 17.6 and it went down to 20th place!


Event Entries Collected: $33,500

Boat, Motor + Cash Payout: $75,575

1Aaron Agner/ Josh Palmer10.4416.455.9422.39Bass Cat Bobcat w Mercury 150 ProXS ($44,900 Value)$505.00$250.00$500.00Bass Cat Bobcat w Mercury 150 ProXS + $1255.00($46,155 total value)
2Joseph Price/ Tanner Spohn6.189.8511.9721.82$7,500.00$505.00$8,005.00
3Troy Henderson/ Steve Klein10.6410.721.34$3,000.00$3,000.00
4Nathon Portch/ Jason Portch11.439.8721.3$2,000.00$2,000.00
5Nate Smith/ Christian Ostrander11.848.5820.42$1,600.00$1,600.00
6Richard Dobyns/ James Avalos9.3410.3819.72$1,500.00$1,500.00
7Ryan Friend/ Clint Isbell10.149.1419.28$1,300.00$1,300.00
8Justin Gordon/ Nick Wood10.598.5419.13$1,200.00$1,200.00
9Jonathan Green/ Terry Devincenzi9.189.8719.05$1,100.00$1,100.00
10Jack Geist/ Vance Hayes8.6610.2218.88$1,000.00$1,000.00
11John Maes/ Ryan White9.858.6518.5$900.00$900.00
12Joe Hinkle/ Glen Lockhart9.099.3918.48$900.00$900.00
13Clara Ricabal/ Todd Langston9.58.9618.46$800.00$800.00
14Tony Franceschi/ Nick Welton10.038.3318.36$800.00$800.00
15Jason Sherman/ Jerry Johnson9.189.1718.35$800.00$800.00
16Matthew Milatz/ Ian Skovajas9.538.7118.24$600.00$600.00
17Mike Friend/ Shelly Carr3.638.749.2918.03$600.00$505.00$1,105.00
18Eric Urstad/ Travis Archer8.469.3517.81$600.00$600.00
19Darren E Tabor/ Justin Carlile9.178.5817.75$600.00$600.00
20Antonio Gold/ Troy Mays10.796.8117.6$600.00$600.00
21Luke Wilson/ Dustin Maraviov8.598.917.49$0.00
22Greg Gutierrez/ Ryan Brewer8.898.5717.46$0.00
22Mark Mendenhall/ Shawn Dassonville9.358.1117.46$0.00
24Rich Craft/ John Branch7.669.7617.42$0.00
25Mark Mello/ Chris Trumbull8.019.3517.36$0.00
26Gregory Troughton/ Dan Fonte8.978.3717.34$0.00
27Ishama Monroe/ Matt Frazier8.28.9317.13$0.00
28Joseph Orozco/ Cheng Xiong9.217.7917$0.00
29Justin Evans/ Mike Sperbeck3.589.097.8916.98$505.00$505.00
30Jay Guterding/ Chris Fancelli9.037.8816.91$0.00
31Ryan Mcintosh/ Cory Caporale4.9410.146.6716.81$505.00$505.00
31Jared Walker/ Jesse Martin8.528.2916.81$0.00
33Mike Menne/ Wayne Breazeale8.648.1316.77$0.00
34Steve Clark/ Mike Pair8.158.4916.64$0.00
35Brent Cline/ Paul Foor8.168.4716.63$0.00
36Bill Kessler / Kelly Kellogg7.269.3416.6$0.00
37Todd Hartman/ Vince Huff10.376.216.57$0.00
38Vijay Malhotra/ Nick Abaro8.67.8816.48$0.00
39David Koerber/ Steven Koerber8.547.9116.45$0.00
40Jim Vretzos/ Ryan Mcginnis7.638.7816.41$0.00
41Alax Parker/ Chris Layton7.438.9716.4$0.00
42Dennis Fischer/ Kirk Bain7.938.2616.19$0.00
43William Ponting/ Eric Parra8.327.8516.17$0.00
44Joey Taylor/ Mike Hostetter9.396.6916.08$0.00
44Thomas Presson/ Ryan Wake8.677.4116.08$0.00
46Sam Villarreal/ Rene Armendariz7.498.5216.01$0.00
47Brian Walker/ Joe Mitchell7.118.8615.97$0.00
48Austin Crane/ Larry Crane7.977.9715.94$0.00
49Noah Whitten/ Matthew Pulliam7.678.2215.89$0.00
50Mark Lassagne/ Jodie White7.418.415.81$0.00
51Timothy Venkus/ Rodney Brown7.258.3915.64$0.00
52Anthony Prophet/ Vern Westberg7.597.9815.57$0.00
53Sean Kimble/ John Dunn7.488.0415.52$0.00
54John Morla/ Clarence Morla9.615.915.51$0.00
55Brad Bonino/ Kim Bonino7.927.5615.48$0.00
56Rodney Reed / Gary Reed7.797.4315.22$0.00
57Jacob Reed/ Terry Bennett7.237.9815.21$0.00
58Jeremy Lecaire/ Eric Thompson7.347.8515.19$0.00
59Mathew Saavedra/ Mike Kirk7.437.7215.15$0.00
60Craig Main/ Jason Bubier8.386.7515.13$0.00
61Joshua Gay/ Shaun Mcdaid7.477.6215.09$0.00
62Shane Albrecht/ Timothy Albrecht87.0115.01$0.00
63Derik Dalton/ Casey Cabral7.797.1614.95$0.00
64Ron Howe/ Tim Meeks7.497.4514.94$0.00
65David Swendseid / Santos Garza8.56.3914.89$0.00
66Aaron Grabiel/ Brandon Abney Abney9.015.8314.84$0.00
67Mark Borges/ Aj Borges7.687.1414.82$0.00
68Wade Durling/ Nick Gillotte7.417.3414.75$0.00
69Levi Rodelo/ Cy Floyd7.556.9814.53$0.00
70Ronald Lorenzo/ Debbie Weber6.97.5714.47$0.00
71Alex Mcbath/ Rick Allen6.837.5614.39$0.00
72Robert Couts/ Scott Helwig6.158.2114.36$0.00
73Brian Fesler/ Ernie Haro7.876.4514.32$0.00
74Russell Baker/ Austin Sandman6.637.5714.2$0.00
75Matthew Nadeau/ Velocity Nadeau6.527.6314.15$0.00
76Ryan Williams/ Kirby Faulkner7.296.6713.96$0.00
77Tre Dodd/ Steve Fredricks6.417.413.81$0.00
78Cody Klein/ William Nalls6.526.8413.36$0.00
79Kevin Robison/ Colton Robison9.113.7912.9$0.00
80Jordan Padilla/ George Padilla5.934.7910.72$0.00
81Cliff King/ Colby King9.3209.32$0.00
82Luke Lipanovich/ Joe Mariani8.4108.41$0.00
83Cliff Clement/ Timothy Gaura8.2608.26$0.00
84Spencer Park/ Nick Flanigan7.9207.92$0.00
85John Neudorfer/ John Sr. Neudorfer7.7407.74$0.00
86Teddy Snyder/ Stephen Tosh7.6207.62$0.00
87Josh Lucas/ Bobby Serrato7.5407.54$0.00
88Mike Frederick/ Chad Dibble7.507.5$0.00
89Rock Douglass/ Dennis Cooper7.3707.37$0.00
90Jason Milligan/ Mike Darling7.1607.16$0.00
91Russ Avery/ Chris Ferry7.1507.15$0.00
92Eric Padilla/ Ryan Duchi6.8506.85$0.00
93John Bell/ Logan Bell6.6206.62$0.00
94Cody Meyer/ Jr Wright6.4906.49$0.00
95Jacob Fleming/ Eric Fleming6.3306.33$0.00
96Rick Sewell / Dalton Sewell6.1906.19$0.00
97Earl Dalton/ Michael Coleman5.9905.99$0.00
98Ryan Tripp/ Kc Harris5.9505.95$0.00
99Stan Penrod/ Stephen Penrod5.5905.59$0.00
100Jimmy Johnson/ Adam Young000$0.00


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