What is your role:

  • Officials must be 18 years or older.
  • You will assist us by enhancing the online experience by operating a specialized online fish-tracking database and/or other electronic or social media platforms for WBS.
  • BLOG for WBS
  • Wear official observer clothing.
  • Potentially operate a scale issued by WBS.
  • Assist with the safety of the boat.
  • Learn from some of the greatest anglers.
  • You will help protect the integrity of our tournaments and anglers. 
  • Be willing to participate in the day’s activities for the angler you are paired with. 
  • Ability to provide blogs and photos of the angler’s day. 
  • Be proactive with your WBS angler. Provide as much information as possible on the angler they are paired with.
  • A complete understanding of the rules. 
  • Verify, confront, and question any rule infractions. We rely on you to help us provide a transparent competition platform and a fair playing field.
  • Enter the correct information for fish catches confirmed by the WBS anglers.


Opportunities provided by WBS:

  • A productive learning experience.
  • We will provide you with onsite training. 
  • Product packs, discounts, and benefits. 
  • WBS will return your deposit upon your arrival to the pre-tournament meeting. 



  • As an observer/media team member, you are not allowed to share information you gained from being an observer with other WBS Pros. This information could consist of helping them locate or catch bass on tournament waters or navigate to fishing areas. 
  • Observer/media members are not allowed to help the WBS Pros in any way. This includes operating boats, except to help with loading or unloading boats from trailers. You may help in case of an emergency or with permission from Tournament Officials. In the event of an emergency, call 911 first, then notify tournament officials. 
  • WBS Pros and observer/media members may leave the boat and seek shelter in severe weather where danger may be imminent or for needed restroom breaks.
  • You must bring your foul weather gear, sunscreen, sunglasses, insect repellent, snacks, and food. Please speak to your pro on expectations. 
  • WBS Pros must make one dry storage compartment available and have ample space for food and drinks. 
  • In the interest of comfort and fit, you must bring your own Coast Guard approved, chest-type PFD. 
  • No alcohol or drugs are allowed in the boat. 
  • No tournament trail logos other than WBS, APEX Pro Tour, Wild West Bass Trail, Major League Fishing, and WON BASS may be worn or displayed by the observer/media member. 
  • You cannot use cell phones or GPS units for tracking (except when instructed to do so by WBS officials). 
  • The use of photo cameras, cell phone cameras, tablets, or a GoPro to capture media is encouraged. 
  • All registered   observers /media are guaranteed to go out on Days 1 & 2. 
  • WBS Pro Tour TV Cameras and approved observer/media may be selected for Day 3 based on your original registration timestamp.


General Info 

  • WBS fee is $100.00. 
  • WBS Media personnel may have the option to be paired with pros on practice days. Please get in touch with the  WBS office with any specific requests. 
  •  WBS observer/media registration and briefing will be Thursday, April 13, 2023, at 5:00PM. 
  • For more information on being Observer/Media personnel, look for the Observer/Media personnel guidelines on www.westernbassshootout.com/observe
  • Observer/Media personnel Eligibility: Family members and significant others of any WBS angler are not allowed to enter as an observer/media.
  • Any candidate for observer/media personnel who, in the judgment of the Tournament Director, is compromised in such a manner as to unfairly hinder their partner or endanger the safety and well-being of their partner or themselves may not be eligible. If in doubt, please contact the WBS tournament department at 480-571-1919 before entry.
  • You must inform tournament officials during onsite registration if you are traveling with a WBS Pro. 


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