Shasta Teams Info

1. Bag/Length –  12″ Minimum Length Measured on a Flat Board with

    Mouth Closed.    5  FISH !!!!!  5 FISH  5 FISH !!!!! Bag Limit.  You Must Cull on
    Your 6th Fish – No more than 5 in your Livewell /Possession !!!!
    You MUST FIZZ Your Fish if Needed- Do not bring them to weigh until you do !
2.  Weigh in will be located on the Marina Docks due to low water and the ramp
     Situation. We will call you up by boat number to weigh- Stay in your boat till you
     receive a weigh in bag- Use Only Wild West Weigh Bags !!
3.  We Only Need 1 Angler at the Scales to Weigh- Covid Safety-  Wear your
     MASK IF YOU ARE ON THE DOCKS !!!!!!.  If you have a big fish to weigh
     you must tell us….
4. Wild West Bass Staff will be on the Docks starting at 6AM if you don’t check in
    at Phils on Friday Night. We must have a SIGNED Waiver from each Angler
    before you go out…
5. Safe Light will be around 7:10AM.We will play the National Anthem at 7:05
    and call boat 1 at safe light.  We will check your boat as you idle out.
    Have your running lights in and on !  Livewells Open, Aerators Running
    And Life Jackets On !!!
6. You may launch your boat on Friday and proceed to a boat slip if needed,
    Both Packers Bay and Bridge Bay only have one lane open..
    Be Early , We will start on Time no matter if You are Ready or Not..
7. Boat Numbers and Check in Times will be assigned on Friday- Random Draw
    No Late Sign Ups on Friday or Saturday Morning…. We will post on WWB
    Facebook or you will receive a text. Always check the Wild West Facebook Page
    on Thursday for last minute information..
8. Contact Tournament Director if you have Questions
    Randy McBride  321.223.6562
    We will be at Phils Propeller from 5-7 PM on Friday January 1.
    Please Make It if You Can …
9.  Any area designated by State, Federal or Local Officials as off limits for Fishing will be off limits during this event.
     THAT INCLUDES  ” Within 200 Yards of ANY RESORT OR MARINA Facilities (INCLUDING DOCKS)”
     Anglers must observe QUAGGA AND MUSSEL Prevention Measures !!!
10. Observe all Wild West Bass Rules Including Safety at all times..
      Thank You for Fishing With Us !!!
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