The Southern California Wild West Team Bass Trail will hold the first of four tournaments of the 2021 season on  February 20, 2021 at Diamond Valley Lake. There are several ways that you can sign up for this event. Due to the  Covid 19 restrictions we will follow the state requirement by practicing social distance and face coverings. There  will not be any formal awards ceremony after the tournament.  


  1. Go to the website at Click on the team tournament on the top bar, click on  the Southern California region and then Diamond Valley event. You will need to pay your membership  before registering. Please fill out the entry form completely and submit your method of payment. A  confirmation email will be sent to you. The Lake is Off limits from Feb15, 2021 to Feb 18, 2021 for  competitors. 
  2. 2. Friday February 19, 2021 is Pre fish day and we also will do registration at Last Chance Bait and  Tackle with no late fees. Megan is offering a 15% discount on all tackle for contestants that register for the event at the store. 
  3. We will also do last register the morning of the tournament between 4:00am and 5:30 am in the  staging area before going up the hill. All teams need to check in at the staging area making sure to  wear a facemask and social distance. There is a late fee that will be added if your choice is to wait until  then. 

The diamond Valley lake staff will do their dry inspection on your boat at the staging area between  4:00am. and 5:15 am. Do not go up the hill until directed by our staff. We should be going up the hill  around 5:15am. If you prefish on Friday 19, I would try and have your boat inspected and zip tied by  lake staff before leaving the lake. 


After launching your boat, you need to stage behind the break water buoy and our pontoon boat. After  the registration, we will draw a team number for the start position and the flight times based on the  number of entries. It will be your teams’ responsibility to know your start position and weigh-in time. CHECK IN & WEIGHT IN  

You will need to check in with our staff at the dock before proceeding to the weigh in area do not get  out of your vehicle or boat. You will form two lines at the weigh in. Wait until told to bag your catch  and hand it to the staff member. After your fish are weighed, proceed to the launch area and hand your fish to the staff member on the pontoon boat. Your day of fishing is complete. Proceed to exit the  lake. We will post the results on the Wild West website and Facebook. If you receive any money, we  will do a direct deposit into your accounts not later than the Tuesday after the event. For more information please contact: 

Jim Sleight Randy McBride 

619 813 3324 (480) 571-1919 EXT. 104

Boat Inspections at Diamond Valley Lake 

All vessels MUST be CLEAN, DRAINED, & DRY 

Prior to launch at Diamond Valley Lake. 

******** ZERO TOLERANCE ******** 

All watercraft operators will be interviewed prior to launching at Diamond Valley Lake to ensure the following  requirements have been followed:  

When leaving any waterbody, you must:  

  • Inspect the boat, trailer and boating equipment and remove any plants and animals that are visible.  Drain water from the motor, live well, bilge and transom wells while on land before leaving any waterbody.  The veligers are microscopic and probably cannot be seen without magnification; therefore, draining all  standing water and drying those areas is essential.  
  • Empty your bait bucket in disposal container before leaving the waterbody. Never release live bait into a  waterbody, or release aquatic animals from one waterbody into another.  
  • Wash and dry your watercraft, tackle, downriggers, trailer, and other boating equipment to kill harmful  species that were not visible at the boat launch.  

ALL watercraft that have been in Quagga Mussel infested water must:  

  • All vessels used in a contaminated waterbody for less than 24 hours must remain out of any  waterbody and dry for 7 consecutive days prior to launching at Diamond Valley Lake.  A list of contaminated lakes can be found by visiting this page on California Dep’t of Boating & Waterways  website: Known Quagga & Zebra Mussel Locations in California  
  • Completely drain all water from the motor and standing water in the bilge, livewells, bait tanks, and  internal ballast tanks in the watercraft. Draining the standing water is essential before leaving the infested  waterbody.  
  • Rinse the bilge, livewells, and bait tanks with fresh water.  
  • Flush the boat engine (especially stern drive boats with fresh water).  

Wet Weather Boat Launch Policy:  

We strongly encourage boaters to get their boat inspected and banded prior to wet weather to ensure  that their vessel will be able to launch on a rainy day.  

However, to facilitate boating when pre-banding is not feasible, inspectors MAY allow a launch of an un banded boat if the following conditions are met:  

  • The boat arrives covered; AND  
  • The interior of the boat is completely dry under the cover; AND  
  • When the outboard is lowered for inspection, no water flows out; AND  
  • The exterior of the boat is clean (i.e.: no mud, vegetation or rough services that may contain microscopic  quagga or zebra mussels), AND  
  • In the inspector’s opinion the only exterior wetness appears to be road splash and/or rainwater.  

Please be aware, that the inspector’s decision about whether an un-banded boat may launch on a rainy day  is final. Although an inspector may allow a covered boat to launch, there is a chance a boater may be  denied a launch based on the inspector’s observations. If you would like to insure you can launch your boat  on a rainy day, your best plan of action is to pre-band your boat.  

Questions? Call Diamond Valley Marina at (951) 926-7201 

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